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Brian Rome

IT Professional and life-long outdoor enthusiast, Brian is an avid supporter of Boy Scouts of America. He is particularly passionate about Scouting’s honor camping society, Order of the Arrow (OA) and local honor society, Mic-O-Say (MOS). He is a proud Vigil member of OA’s largest lodge, Tamegonit Lodge and 2018 NOAC Chair. As an Honorary MOS Warrior, he became a White Coup recipient in 2017. Brian’s Scouting career has included multiple leadership roles as Assistant Scout Master, Venturing Crew Advisor, Cub Master, District Commissioner for multiple troops and districts.

When the local Scout dance team lost their trading post, Brian stepped up to provide a new alternative, Black Shot Trading Post. ¬†Under Brian’s leadership, Black Shot Trading Post now offers a wide variety of supplies for Native American attire, dance regalia, historical re-enactment attire, and “mountain man” outfitting and supplies through its online store.

Tammy Rome

Headache disorders advocate, blogger, and mental health therapist, Tammy’s journey began in 2007 while preparing to change careers. She knew that graduate school wold be challenging and that frequent migraine attacks could derail her dreams. Determined to finally get both migraine and cluster headache attacks under control, she went online in search of answers.¬†That’s where she met Teri Robert and started down the path of better symptom management. Depsite living with migraine since 1975 and cluster headache since 1999, she still had a lot to learn. It took another 7 years before she finally found the right combination of life-changing treatments. No longer a victim of circumstance, she now takes an active role her health care management.

Specializing in behavioral pain management, Tammy maintains a private practice as well as writing on migraine and its impact on mental health for Remedy Health Media at HealthCentral.com. She also volunteers as Vice Chair of the American Headache and Migraine Association and as President of The Cluster Headache Support Group.